The Wedding Rabbit is a coordination, planning and design duo, specializing in weddings and intimate events. The team is comprised of Kelly and Tyler; a newlywed couple living in Richmond, Virginia. We strive to make everyone around us feel happy, welcome, and included. Nothing is more important to us than putting a smile on the faces of our friends, both old and new.


Lead Coordinator

Kelly has always had a passion for creating special memories, and hosting events for her friends and family. In high school, she coordinated smaller events which eventually led her to wedding coordination. Cultivating a personalized event for clients is something she cares so deeply about. An event shouldn’t be a one time show, but, rather, a memory held in your heart.

Kelly enjoys being outside in her little veggie garden, gawking over adorable animals (especially otters), spending time with her husband, Tyler (>>), and their little dog Obi, and hosting parties for friends.

about TYLER


Shortly after he and Kelly began dating, Tyler became a part of The Wedding Rabbit. Not only is he a talented bassist and knower-of-all-things-history, he is a commander of coordination and problem solving! On your wedding weekend, you most likely will see Tyler in charge of rehearsals, wedding party line-ups, and directing guests to their next celebration location.

Tyler is an avid Star Wars fan (seriously…he can tell you everything about anything), loves to try out new dough recipes, and spending time with his wife, Kelly (<<), and boy-dog Obi, and hosting events for friends.

(Okay, so we both really like hosting parties!)