Styled Shoot | Wallaton Hall, UK

Since late middle school, I have had the pleasure of knowing Kaitlyn of Kait Winston Photography. We grew up on the JCC Dolphin's swim team together, and that's where our friendship began! Kait's passion outside of the pool was always photography (taking after her dad's footsteps). Since high school I've watched her grow in her photography and develop her talent into the whimsical beauty it is today!

Kait and I created our first styled shoots together after we both "broke in to the biz". It was such a fun learning experience, and I'm glad I got to share that with her. In total, we have worked on 6 styled shoots together, published in Rock n Roll Bride, Sweet Violet Bride and Modele Weddings Blogs! Below I'm sharing some photos from a styled shoot Kaitlyn shot at Wallaton Hall, UK., as well as some words from Kait about the shoot! I wasn't able to travel with her to style the shoot, so instead, I designed and created the bride's dress! :-)

TWR: Kait, it's evident that you are a lover of traveling, and England is your favorite destination! What would you say you love most about England?

Kait:  It has such a deep, rich history that has really always fascinated me having an English lineage myself. I have personal connections there, which deepens the love for the country as well. The people are so warm and inviting, and you just walk around any city or the countryside and are just enveloped in charm and character. It boasts some of my favorite architecture, and you can't beat an English accent.

TWR: Wallaton Hall is such a beautiful yet stoic masterpiece. What was your vision behind this dreamy bridal shoot?

Kait:  I stumbled across this wedding dress that had a lot of fluid motion and color. I was instantly drawn to the unique nature of the material, and thought it would be an interesting centerpiece for a styled bridal shoot. I had a trip planned for England that happened to coincide with the Easter holiday and the colors that inspired me in the first place were romantic pastels, which fit very nicely into that scope. I have connections in Nottingham and knew I could make something really special come together if everyone was available, and having visited the place before, I knew it would be a perfect backdrop for the dress. It was a perfect fairytale.

TWR: How was it traveling with that very over-sized dress?

Kait: Traveling wasn't too difficult at the beginning. I managed to tie the dress down into a small bundle and pack it into a suitcase with the rest of my belongings on the way to England. It was when I started getting a little less organized along the way to all my stops and after the shoot itself that it become slightly more difficult to manage repackaging everything. I had to get a different bag for the dress and charm the baggage claim worker into letting me carryon three bags on my way home by finding a rule that allowed wedding dresses as an extra carryon. 

TWR: Do you have any plans to create another styled shoot on one of your next traveling adventures?

Kait:  I would love to do another styled shoot abroad. It's so inspiring to be able to create works of art essentially in gorgeous places that in themselves serve as a sort of muse for your work.  I like traveling light, so being able to figure out how to manage a desirable wardrobe situation is a priority, and it's always so hard to pick where to go to next. 


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