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Coordination - Why is it so important?

Hi! My name is Kelly, aka The Wedding Rabbit, and I am organic-process wedding and event coordinator and designer. It is so nice to [virtually] meet you!

I’ve been receiving a lot of the same questions from past bridal clients, and potential clients lately, and thought that I would share those questions, and my answers with you! Today I will be answering the No. 1 question I receive!


Why is it important to hire a wedding coordinator?

There are SO many reasons it is beneficial and important to hire a wedding coordinator. So I will list only a few reasons why!

1) Hiring a wedding coordinator takes SO much stress off of you and your loved ones for your special day. You can trust that your coordinator is there to make sure your event is flawless, runs seamlessly and is stress-free. Your coordinator should be trained to handle all the ins and outs of the event day, have a broad knowledge of the wedding industry in your area, and be able to solve any issue that may arise.

2) Planning a wedding is a huge task to complete. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with all those little details, which in turn can lead to forgetting even some of your most important tasks! A coordinator is there to help you along the way, provide you with TO DO Lists, helpful industry information, and help you tie up any loose ends with vendors, guests, and even family members!

3) A lot of potential brides ask me why they shouldn’t just use their mom or their aunt to help orchestrate the day of the wedding; help decorate the tables, and guide guests the day of the event. It’s wonderful to have your family willing to help you in such a big way! However, having close friends or family put all that weight on their shoulders is a lot to ask. When being responsible for coordinating a wedding, all of the responsibility for making sure it runs perfectly is on you. Your friends and family should be able to enjoy your day with you, and that’s very hard to do when they have to be in charge!

4) As mentioned above, wedding coordinators are professionals that have:

- The inside scoops of the industry
- The education to manage, organize, and design your big day
- The training to be able to carry all of the responsibility of your guests, bridal party, vendors, venue, etc.!

Coordinators are able to help you choose vendors that fit your style and budget, help you create a timeline that is ideal for your day, and give you all of the information and assurance to make sure your day is impeccable. We want you to have the absolute best day that you and your fiancé have dreamed of, and we’re trained to make that dream a reality!

The Wedding Rabbit